SaC Update

Hey guys,

So it’s been 4 years since I last updated my website. And I think I owe any future viewers an explanation as to why my series didn’t continue (cause I think it was pretty creative, if I do say so myself ).

Around the time the last comics were made, like I had said before, I was in the process of making a SaC movie. I can’t remember every detail about it but I can tell you that it was gonna be epic. However, when my application and file was lost, it was a major setback for me. I worked really hard on it and then it was deleted. However, the movie wasn’t the only that put a dent in my work. After the last two comics, my computer wouldn’t let me log into it. So in order for it work, we had to send it to my father’s tech guy. He did fix it, but at the cost of all my work. It wasn’t saved to the hard drive properly and everything was lost. I mean everything. All my sprite spreadsheets, my backgrounds, accessories, etc. I even had a new comic series on the way as I worked on this one. But alas, it was gone as well.

As you can imagine…I was devastated. All my hard work, just completely deleted. I thank GOD, however, that I did make this website and did post all of them on here. However, because of everything my computer had to go through and the cleaning of my hard drive, I simply didn’t have time to focus on them anymore. I was going through a lot, as well, with my parents constantly bickering, but mainly the fact that I had to switch schools. I had to go from an all girls private school to public school in 8th grad and it was an extreme culture shock. However, as I continued, I grew. I did have a major setback with a relationship I got into, and that made everything worse. But I broke it off and focused my intentions on God + my family.

Now, as I look back on this website, it saddens me that I wasn’t able to continue it due to these few setbacks. I really wanna start it up again, and who knows, maybe I will. But I’m gonna be in 11th grade next year, a junior, and I do have a lot of work to do to prepare for that. I’m taking a lot of AP classes and I have to prepare.  I’m going on vacation though, in 8 days, to Trinidad! I’m very excited because its been 5 years since my last visit. My mom’s side of the family lives there so I can’t wait to see everyone. So much has changed in these last years. But with my focus on God, I’m slowly becoming the person I want to be! I’m going on an outreach tomorrow with my Church and I’m excited to go 😀

ANYWAY, I was just wanted to explain why this series has stopped. Oh, and also…my knowledge on Sonic the Hedgehog and others isn’t what it used to be either. I used to love him when I was younger. But again, who knows? I may not remember everything, but I can always brush up on it. We’ll see!

Thanks again for all the support of these comics though, it makes me happy when I see that people are still reading them and just checking out this website as a whole. I really did put a lot of effort in it!

Yours truly,

 May the Author

It’s Been A While…

Hey guys,

As you can see, it’s been a while since my last comic. Here’s the thing; I was actually working on a movie for SaC, and it was great, too…until it got deleted, that is. Yup, that stinks, doesn’t it? I’ve been searching for a different program to make the movie on (if you have any suggestions for programs to make sprite movies on, I strongly recommend putting them in the comments! :D). I’ve realized that it’s probably not fair for the viewers who actually go on my blog to read the latest comic, so I have decided to, on top of looking for a new program to make a sprite movie on, continue with the comics. I will continue to post the comics as soon as possible (trust me, they take time), and keep you all updated on what’s happening!

Sorry for the inconvenience,

May the Author