It’s Been A While…

Hey guys,

As you can see, it’s been a while since my last comic. Here’s the thing; I was actually working on a movie for SaC, and it was great, too…until it got deleted, that is. Yup, that stinks, doesn’t it? I’ve been searching for a different program to make the movie on (if you have any suggestions for programs to make sprite movies on, I strongly recommend putting them in the comments! :D). I’ve realized that it’s probably not fair for the viewers who actually go on my blog to read the latest comic, so I have decided to, on top of looking for a new program to make a sprite movie on, continue with the comics. I will continue to post the comics as soon as possible (trust me, they take time), and keep you all updated on what’s happening!

Sorry for the inconvenience,

May the Author