About Sonic and Chums

Sonic the Hedgehog. Weird to start off my about page with his name, right? Well, he got me started with this. All of a sudden, I just got hooked on Sonic and now I can’t stop talking about him! I even started doing comics about him, and I have to say, they ARE pretty good. That’s what this blog is about. This blog is going to showcase (love that word ^.^) all my comics and some other stuff as well. You should probably click the links to get to things quicker ’cause I sure wouldn’t scroll all the way down the page to look at the stuff that’s not even in order! That’s why the world has links! Yay links! This blog is going to be fun to read and to interact…you know…maybe I’ll put an interesting video up that might interest you viewers out there (if I have any :P). So…LET THE FUN BEGIN!

-May the Hedgehog (Author)

P.S I made her up…if you didn’t know… 😀

P.P.S None of the orginial SEGA characters, game backgrounds, or game accessories are mine. The comics’ dialogue, humor, pure genius, and great ideas however, are mine ❤


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